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Industrial Blockchain: what’s next?

A panel discussion of INPHO® Venture Summit will be dedicated to industrial blockchain. It will be moderated by Dieter Kraft, Managing Director at TRUMPF Venture. In this interview Dieter Kraft will share a first taste of what will be challenged during said panel discussion.

The future of blockchain : cross-industry applications & new business models

Bitcoin is the beginning but far the end of Blockchain. Gartner Research has predicted business value from blockchain technology will total more than $176 billion by 2025, then surge to exceed $3.1 trillion just five years later. These projections seem to give the blockchain a bright future ahead across all industries.

What does it take to start a business ?

Our partner, Blumorpho, interviews Derek Proudian, a Silicon Valley venture investor, start-up CEO, and entrepreneur, who will give you his valuable insights on building a start-up in today’s world.

Ubiquitous high performance computing… why, where and how?

Christian Reitberger, Partner at btov and Wellington Partners, is member of the InPHO editorial committee. During the upcoming InPHO meeting that will take place in Bordeaux, 11th -12th October, he will chair the session “Ubiquitous high performance computing … why, where and how?”

Inpho® Venture Summit:
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Inpho® Venture Summit: europe abounds with innovation ; ecosystem maturing but needs more private capital and industry support

Written on 18 October 2016.

Technological innovation and entrepreneurship is on the rise in Europe, say panelists at INPHO® Venture Summit, a financial investor and strategic business partnering event focused on growth market investments.

Inpho® Venture Summit: l’Europe déborde d’innovation ; l’écosystème arrive à maturité mais requiert le soutien des investisseurs et des industriels

Écrit le 18 Octobre 2016

L’Europe s’intéresse de plus en plus à l’innovation technologique et encourage l’entrepreneuriat. C’est ce qui ressort des interventions lors du INPHO® Venture Summit, la convention d’affaires dédiée aux investisseurs et aux entrepreneurs visant les marchés en croissance.