What’s next to invest in Deeptech: the hot topics to invest in according to INPHO Venture Summit Editorial Committee

George Ugras (AV8 Ventures), Aymerik Renard (Hardware Club), Christian Reitberger (Matterwave),  Dieter Kraft (TRUMPF Venture), and Eric Benhamou (Benhamou Global Ventures), all members of INPHO’s Editorial Committee,  all described the different impacts the health crisis has had on the current economic situation and, therefore, on entrepreneurship in the following sectors: 

As we will see, many sectors had to face many present challenges and had to adapt to a consequent change in behavior that has occurred in the past few years. The durability of this change is however very difficult to predict, making it important for entrepreneurs to focus, not on today’s problems, but on tomorrow’s issues, which is going to be a very different world than the last two years. 

How is AI transforming healthcare?

How is Automation impacting the Supply Chain & Production?

Why are investors showing interest in Ethical AI?

Why is the Circular Economy gaining importance?

What well-established industries are expected to be disrupted? ​

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