INPHO Venture Summit 2020 panel of experts
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They were our international speakers in 2018, thank you!

George Ugras
Managing Director
Jean-Marc Bally
Managing Partner
Yann Barbaux
Chief Innovation Officer
Eric Benhamou
founder & general partner
Olivier Binet
Co-founder & CEO
Francesco Brenna
Executive Partner
Jean Rognetta
Editor in Chief
Theo Meert
Senior Director External Innovation
Michel Cui
Head of Mid Market
& Internet industry
Hans Peter Dauben
Senior scientific fellow
Jan Denecke
Chief Executive Officer
Christophe Desrumaux
Investment director
Philippe Duluc
Chief Technology Officer
Jérôme Grillères
General Manager
Cedric Favier
Investment Director
Dieter Kraft
General Manager TRUMPF Venture
Nicolas Leterrier
Cto building & IT
Jean-David Malo
DG research & innovation
Alexis Normand
Head of B2B
Aymerik Renard
General Partner
Paul Thurk
Managing Director
John Suh
Emmanuel de Watteville
General Partner