INPHO Venture Summit

What's next to invest in DeepTech?

13-14 October 2022

Palais de la Bourse – Bordeaux

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Investing in early-stage startups is not about addressing today’s issues, it is about fixing tomorrow’s problems.

The next two years will surely look very different than the past two years.

George Ugras

Managing Director of AV8 Ventures and Chairman of INPHO Venture Summit


Since 2008, INPHO Venture Summit is a high-end space where LPs, private investors, and large corporations meet to invest in promising solutions to shape the future. The event aims to tackle our world’s most pressing challenges through disruptive technologies.

INPHO Venture Summit is a unique biennial where top-notch investors challenge deep tech investment opportunities to address today but especially tomorrow’s challenges in the current tumultuous macro environment. INPHO is deeply appreciated by top decision-makers looking to meet their peers, share knowledge and analysis, and identify investment opportunities through intensive exchange of views in condensed and efficient sessions.

In order to maintain a great experience for all our attendees, we have an invite-only format.


hand-picked decision-makers interested in transformative technology investment


World-known and forward-thinking


from Europe, USA, China, Japan, Israel


Euros Capital raised

Private investors’ Editorial Committee

Our committee has designed the Summit for you to tackle our world’s biggest challenges through unconventional discussions and breakthrough technologies.
AymeriK Renard

AymeriK Renard

General Partner at Hardware Club

Gemma Garriga

Gemma Garriga

Technical Director, Applied AI at Google

Jean-Gabriel Boinot-Tramoni

Jean-Gabriel Boinot-Tramoni

Principal at Quantonation

2022 Conference

13 OCTOBER,2022 – DAY 1
Different Locations
9:00 AM
Tech tour
Discover our regional ecosystems
Participants will be invited to select their favorite Tour to meet with people sharing the same interests.

  • Laser Mega Joule Tour (Le Barp)
  • Quantum & Photonics Tour (Talence)
  • New Space Tour (Mérignac)
  • AI & Neurosciences Tour (Bordeaux)


Palais de la Bourse
12:00 PM
networking lunch
Attendees are welcomed to enjoy a local buffet in the famous Hall de la Bourse of Bordeaux (Palais de la Bourse).
Palais de la Bourse
1:30 PM
Welcome Address
George Ugras, Chairman INPHO Venture Summit
Palais de la Bourse
1:35 PM
opening keynote discussion

What are LP’s expectations to invest in deep tech funds in the current economic, environmental, climate change, and social context?

David Dana, head of the VC ICT Team at the European Investment Fund

Joe Schorge, founder and managing partner at ISOMER Capital

Palais de la Bourse
2:00 PM
Panel discussions
15 min series on what's next to invest in...

1_What’s next to invest in recycling? 

Reduce, reuse, but also recycle…. and more recycling is expected. What are the main challenges to address and what are expected solutions? Technology, business model…?

2_ How is AI transforming Healthcare?

How to integrate it into physiologists day to day work and patients day to day life? What to learn from other industries?

3_How can automation and AI solve challenges in unplugging from China, as well as in supply chain and skills management?

What in automation and AI could be key to invest in to quickly adapt our supply chain and production organization? What could be a relevant time frame?

4_ Is semiconductors ready to engage in the green economy in Europe and how?

What will be the key drivers in the years to come? How to balance huge market demand and the green transition?


5_Are we entering into the new age of InsurTech?

Is the digitalization and transformation of all industries calling for new insurance model?

Palais de la Bourse
3:15 PM

Palais de la Bourse
3:45 PM

TOP vcs selected start-ups

Start-ups will be invited to pitch – 5 mn. Each pitch will be followed by a 5 min Q&A session to make the session highly interactive.

1 networking break inside!

Selection process in progress

Palais de la Bourse
5:30 PM


Meetings, 1-on-1s, hand-screened or free

Palais de la Bourse
6:30 PM

1855 Grands Crus classes Wine tasting

In our famous 1st floor, Salon Doré and Salon Beaujon.

14 OCTOBER,2022 – DAY 2
Palais de la Bourse
8:30 AM
Welcome Back
George Ugras, Chairman INPHO Venture Summit
Palais de la Bourse
8:35 AM
Panel discussions
15 min series on what's next to invest in...

1_ Can AI build a more inclusive society?

Could AI contribute to the S in ESG?

2_ Is AgTech the answer to resource shortage?

In the current economical context, Agtech is rising strong interest. How to deal with energy, water, and carbon footprint while solving both resource shortage and sustainability challenges?

3_ Where to invest to accelerate the energy and decarbonization transition?

The energy transition and decarbonization are on all roadmaps? Who will win the race? Are we expecting new players to disrupt this market? How to embrace all different energy sources?

4_ How to reach data privacy, security and transparency?

Are blockchain, NFT, web3.0 opening a new paradigm, and how could it impact industries?

5_ Is Space the answer to our sustainability challenges?

Is Space a niche market or a growth relay to address sustainability challenges? Who could benefit from it?

Palais de la Bourse
9:40 AM
Pitch & Networking
TOP VCs selected start-ups

Start-ups will be invited to pitch – 5 mn. Each pitch will be followed by a 5 min Q&A session to make the session highly interactive.

Selection process in progress

Palais de la Bourse
10:30 AM
Palais de la Bourse
11:00 AM
braindates #1
Breakdown in networking workshops and discussions series

Before and during INPHO, attendees will select the topics they would like to deep dive in among the following, through dedicated sessions gathering smaller number of people.

1_ Quantum Computing: from roadmap to scalability.

2_ Chemicals & Materials investment – why is it becoming an attractive low capex investment opportunity?

3_ Accelerate the energy and decarbonization transition.

4_ Shoot the moon, the space opportunity.

5_ Deep dive into the new age of InsurTech.


Palais de la Bourse
11:55 AM
Braindates #2
Breakdown in networking workshops and discussions series

Before and during INPHO, attendees will select the topics they would like to deep dive in among the following, through dedicated sessions gathering smaller number of people.

1_ Post-quantum cryptography: the need for transition.

2_ Biodiversity as a financial asset to invest in.

3_ Be user and customer-centric in the new data era (Ethical AI, Web3.0, digital health…).

4_ Chips Act, EC and government expectations and new opportunities.

5_ Towards a fully decentralized production capacity – what expected time to market?


Palais de la Bourse
12:45 PM
Ceremony & closing remarks
INPHO 2022 Award Ceremony
The INPHO 2022 Prize will be awarded to the most promising startup (5000 euros), followed by closing remarks.
Palais de la Bourse
1:00 PM
networking lunch
Attendees are welcomed to enjoy a local buffet in the famous Hall de la Bourse of Bordeaux (Palais de la Bourse).
Live conversations from feb to july 2022 
February 28
5:00 PM CET
Editorial committee
What’s next to invest in Deeptech?
The hot topics to invest in according to INPHO Venture Summit Editorial Committee

  • Christian Reitberger, Matterwave Ventures
  • Dieter Kraft, TRUMPF Ventures
  • Aymerik Renard, Hardware Club
  • Eric Benhamou, Benhamou Global Ventures
April 28
5:00 PM CEST
Round table
What’s next to invest in AI?
How will AI’s future be impacted by Ethical AI and other trends like web 3.0.

The digital transformation is accelerating in all industries. The predominance of data in the economy raises awareness about the need for ethical AI and algorithms.

Key experts will share their own analysis of the expected impact of 2 major trends: web 3.0 and Ethical AI. Could it converge toward new businesses?

  • Eric Benhamou, Benhamou Global Ventures
  • T.M. Ravi, The Hive


May 2
5:30 PM CEST
Round table
What’s next to invest in Quantum Technologies?
What actual economic value lies behind quantum technologies?

This session will be dedicated to Could and How Quantum technologies could contribute to a better world?

We will challenge the applications and use cases for which quantum supremacy will make it possible to impose new businesses.

Investors will share their expectations to further invest in this field.

  • Mathieu Costes, Airbus Ventures
  • Christian Reitberger, Materwave Ventures
  • Philippe Bouyer, Naquidis Center
  • Jean-Gabriel Boinot-Tramoni, Quantonation
  • Jan Westerhues, Robert Bosch Venture Capital


May 19
5:30 PM CEST
Round table
What’s next to invest in semiconductor and photonics?
Can Europe leverage its strength and reduce its weakness with the Chip Act?

The live conversation will be dedicated to deep diving in EC’s ambition to reinforce European leadership on semiconductors and photonics by injecting more than €43 billons of public and private investments.

Key actions and investments will be discussed with leading investors in semiconductors and photonics.

How to growth new European Champions in this industry?

  • Christian Reitberger, Materwave Ventures
  • François Tison, 360 Capital
  • Yves Paindaveine, European Commission


June 2
5:30 PM CEST
Round table
What’s next to invest in Supply chain?
The last 2 years demonstrated the negative interdependency of the global supply chain leading to shortages, delays, and supply risen prices.

It is calling for a new organization of value chain with new business models. Agile supply chains are expected to reach decentralization of production with local supply and affordable automation.

This session will discuss potential solutions and their expected ROI as well as the time frame for implementation.

  • Aymerik Renard, Hardware Club
  • John Suh, HYUNDAI Motor Group
  • Ali Muhammad, European Dynamics


July 7
5:30 PM CEST
Round table
What’s next to invest in New Space?

Is Space the key to Human future? In a world driven by data, access to resources, and telecommunications, Space offers key assets to be exploited. New technologies are disrupting the existing supply and value chain from downstream to upstream. Is New Space the new field to invest in? During this session, our guest will challenge drivers, markets, and expected IRR for investors in New Space.

  • John Suh, HYUNDAI Motor Group
  • Mathieu Costes, Airbus Venture
  • Piera Di Vito, ESA


They experimented it. This is why they are coming back.

This was the first time I had been to INPHO, but was very impressed by it: the quality of the presenting companies, the calibre of the VCs, the excellent meetings and interactions. I look forward to attending in future, or other related events. Rupert Baines

CEO, Ultrasoc

This was my first experience with such a scenario business meetings setup. I found both investors, startups and corporations really involved and open for new contacts and new opportunities. The event itself was worked through with a nice focused atmosphere, yet easy going‎ and open. Special thanks to the Blumorpho organizers and hosts. Serguei Tsarev

CEO, Astrum Lasers

Inpho Venture Summit it is one the best network and business contact points for strategic partnerships and seed stage VCs for emerging disruptive start-ups in Europe. Juan Izeta

Growth Manager, Gogoa Mobility

During the INPHO meeting I could meet not only investors in the field of hardware, but also top level entrepreneurs in a wide range of fields of expertise akin to mine. This resulted in quite interesting discussions and potentially new business perspectives. Giacomo Benvenuti


For deeptech technologies such as Neta’s one, Inpho was a great opportunity to meet key players and investors. This conference dedicated, especially, to hardware had a unique panel of speakers and was really inspiring. Julien Michelon

CEO, NETA Technologies

I found the INPHO Venture Summit to keep a good balance between pitching and business meetings, presentations were of excellent quality and the brisk pace of the whole event was in tune with the high level of enterprising spirit. Antoine Kevorkian

CEO and Founder, Teem Photonics

VocalZoom is a disruptive industry 4.0 startup from Israel. We came to INPHO Venture summit in Bordeaux France as part of our fund raising process. The venue took place in a great location, the one on one meetings were well organized and easy to manage, and the networking environment around, including the food were really good and gave incentive for investors to participate. We got at least 3 good leads from the event which is good for a 2 day event. Tal Bakish

CEO, Vocalzoom

BLUMORPHO did a great job organising the INPHO Venture Summit in Bordeaux. They were of great help organizing relevant meetings and interesting discussions during this event. A good balance of companies and investors. Philippe Rousseau

CEO, Glowee

For us, the InPho event was an excellent opportunity to meet investors with a clear focus on the latest and greatest in photonics and hard tech. Plenty of pitches and networking opportunities. Christain Brändli

CEO, Insightness

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This year again the conferences will take place at Place de la Bourse, an idyllic situation in a cultural environment and close from the historic center.

This place offers a perfect setting because of its unique position along the Garonne River and its proximity to the largest hotels and shops.

17 Place de la Bourse
33076 Bordeaux Cedex

+33 (0)557 017 450