INPHO Venture Summit

The event for executives who get off the beaten tracks in deep tech and hardware

11-12 October 2018, Bordeaux – FRANCE

INPHO® Venture Summit
offers you a unique experience by getting rid of the background noisE around tech

Are you eager to hear disruption, to be astonished and enlightened by innovative ideas and new visions? It is about time you get food for thought by joining INPHO® Venture Summit, the event for executives who enjoy getting off the beaten tracks. INPHO® Venture Summit offers you a unique experience by getting rid of the background noise around technology to clearly assess how to exploit it on attractive business models to build tomorrow. Like the 500 participants of our previous editions, join INPHO® Venture Summit to share new ideas, to deliberate on the future we want to design and to set-up collaborations to reach common objectives.  For INPHO® Venture Summit 2018 edition, 3 bankable challenges – Digital Business Model, Industrial Blockchain, New Computing –  have been nominated by a panel of leading private investors. Their breakthrough potential will be put to the test in 5 high growth markets: Health, Mobility, Infrastructure, Consumer, Smart Factory. INPHO® Venture Summit 2018 will consider trends from Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia to shape the global market

“Welcome to our new edition of INPHO. Deep tech innovation is disrupting business models like never before unleashing new opportunities. We have always been about technology driven innovation and this year we hope to give you a fresh snapshot including innovations at the ‘crazy’ end of the spectrum. I am indeed privileged to chair this new edition and grateful to the members of the editorial committee who joined me in curating what we hope will be a thrilling experience. Through the years, this Bordeaux region public initiative has generated private investments and partnerships with global impact. We are counting on you as participants to once again make this happen in this beautiful setting, taking advantage of the unique gathering of entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and venture investors.

We are delighted to host you in Bordeaux. If you need any assistance during the conference please ask one of us. Now let’s learn and help build the future.” George Ugras

Managing Director of AV8 Ventures and Chairman of INPHO Venture Summit 2018


Every two years INPHO® Venture Summit becomes a unique place where private investors and large corporations meet to evaluate key selected bankable challenges in which to invest in. Indeed those 3 bankable challenges are highly complementary and address social and technical innovations that will shape the future. Participants at INPHO® Venture Summit will benefit from a highly interactive event. Each panel discussion will be moderated by a leading private investor challenging the unique value proposition expected for each topic while addressing key expectations and hurdles in growing markets from Health to Mobility, Consumer to Infrastructure and Smart factory.

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INPHO® Venture Summit is taking place in the picturesque city of Bordeaux, France. You will benefit from great informal networking sessions, including a Grand Cru wines tasting, and other incomparable experiences with your future business or investment partners. Bordeaux is the 2nd most attractive city in France for foreign investments (EY2018), the 1st French city for business creation and the best city in terms of lifestyle (PwC 2017).

Register before the 31st of July to INPHO® Venture Summit and you will have the opportunity to benefit from one to one meetings with key speakers, selected start-ups and other participants based on your field of interest.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the right people and enjoy an elegant and cosy atmosphere favourable to deal closing.


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George Ugras

George Ugras

Managing Director at AV8 Ventures

Jean-Marc Bally

Jean-Marc Bally

Managing Partner at Aster Capital

George Ugras

George Ugras

Managing Director at AV8 Ventures

Jean-Marc Bally

Jean-Marc Bally

Managing Partner at Aster Capital




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This year again the conferences will take place at Place de la Bourse, an idyllic situation in a cultural environment and close from the historic center.

This place offers a perfect setting because of its unique position along the Garonne River and its proximity to the largest hotels and shops.

17 Place de la Bourse
33076 Bordeaux Cedex

+33 (0)5 56 79 44 86

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